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1, IT Lithium Parts
Lithium battery is widely used in mobile communications, laptop computers, cameras and other consumer electronics products. IT lithium ion battery cells containts mainly the following components: the cathode, anode, separator and structural parts (shell), of which structural parts include positive and negative connecting plate (cover) and battery shell.
For safety consideration, KDL developed lithium battery cover on the particular system with explosion-proof equipment. When batteries internal pressure has reached an excessive level, explosion-proof equipment will automatically open the venting system to prevent explosion.
KDL has been the main supplying battery structural parts to all the major domestic manufacturers of lithium-ion battery.
2, power battery components
Power lithium batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and electric tools. The structure of power lithium battery is similar to that of IT lithium battery. But power battery structural parts requires higher level of safety, anti-corrosive and explosive-proof.
The major manufacturers of power battery cells are BYD, Tianjin LISHEN and BAK BATTERY, etc., Kedali is now the main structural components supplier of the above cell manufactures. 


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