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Deputy General Manager of the company members of the Mid-Autumn blessings

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Good Morning fellow colleagues: 

   In autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance of harvest season, we have ushered in the traditional Chinese festivals - the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday season approaching, on behalf of the company and encourage the total to day and night in the first line All Keda Li colleagues to express my sincere thanks to all of our Keda Li who has been the hard work and sincere dedication, in this heartfelt family to you and your extended holiday greetings! I wish you all good health and smooth work, family happiness, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Mid-Autumn Festival is also called "harvest festival" in the last eight months of this year, the company received a new development and new achievements. Results accompanied by hard, sweat soaked hope. Achievements of our employees at all levels of management personnel and the general result of joint efforts; to take this opportunity, on behalf of the company to all employees Road, loudly: "You work hard, thank you! 

    Recalling the first eight months of 2010, in our joint efforts, the company is gradually upgradig the objectives and progress. Results accompanied by hard, sweat soaked hope. Achievements in the final analysis is the company's management and the staff at all levels of innovation, the result of indomitable spirit; particularly the majority of technical and management personnel face the challenge, continuous work overload, to promote the results of rapid technological progress. At present the company's development towards a good direction, this and our efforts are inseparable, all of which also demonstrated that as long as there is good management and continuous improvement of our Keda Li is a strong and highly developmental potential of the company, is a radiation force and influence of the company. It is because of sweat soaked, before we cast every success in this situation. 

    Before we are faced with this rare opportunity for development, opportunities have opened the door, let us solidarity, to strengthen management, improve the technology, to improve the quality, focus on implementation and to strengthen executive power, promoting development, as we continue to shape the development of large and persistent hard!

    After Mid-Autumn Festival, a new task is still looking at us in turn into new fighting. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we start from the current, everyone starts from me, in the rest of the year more than three months time, the department launched the final sprint to: pay close attention to orders, improving quality, ruthless grasp efficiency, pay close attention to reducing costs, the real situation and the weak links, making measures and carry out the work. We Keda Li who is ambitious it step by step for the country, for the company, but also to create a better future for themselves and achieve industry serve the country.

    Finally, colleagues once again wish you a happy Moon Festival! Good luck, also please you in the morning on behalf of our employees to their respective departments to extend holiday greetings and wish them a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, good health and good luck! Thank you.