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Subsidies for private purchase of new energy vehicles started the pilot

Publish Date:2010/7/15 Click:3653 times

     [AP] Ministry of Finance and four other ministries jointly issued a notice of a formal launch in Shanghai, five pilot cities for the new energy subsidies to the private car to buy, the pilot fund management, financial assistance, interim procedures are officially from June 1 implementation.

     Finance Department Web site on June 1 news, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission on May 31 jointly issued a "buy on the new energy vehicles in order to subsidize a private pilot's notice." notice that, according to auto industry based on the purchasing power of residents and the associated regulations, the four ministries select five new energy vehicles Butie Sirengoumai implementation plan, and organize experts to conduct the program, the implementation of the feasibility study report of the city, in Shanghai and Other cities in subsidies for new energy vehicles 5 Qidong, a private pilot.

      Pilot grants fund management will be in accordance with effect from June 1 to "private purchase of new energy vehicles pilot financial assistance fund management Tentative method".

     "Interim Measures" clearly, the central government on the private purchase of pilot cities, registration and use of plug-in hybrid electric passenger cars and passenger cars for one-time subsidy. Subsidies to the energy standards established under the battery pack on the support conditions to meet the new energy vehicles, according to 3000 yuan / kwh subsidies. Plug-in hybrid vehicle the maximum subsidy per 50,000 yuan, the highest of pure electric passenger vehicles per 60,000 yuan subsidy. Allocation of subsidies to auto manufacturers, according to the price net of subsidies on the new energy vehicles will be sold to private users or leasing company. Pilot period, each company selling plug-in hybrid and pure electric passenger vehicles the size of 50 000, respectively, the central government will appropriate to reduce the subsidy standards.

     "Interim Measures" that the city government is a private pilot for new energy vehicles and responsibilities of the pilot implementation of the main subject, to arrange for some money and put the appropriate supporting policies and measures, focusing on the charging stations and other infrastructure projects, acquisition and use of new energy vehicles, battery scrap and recycling system and other support.